(;CA[utf-8]RU[japanese]FF[4]GM[1]C[Goblooo\: Hi Ken_Ittipat\: Hi Ken_Ittipat\: Is that Eason? Goblooo\: Yes,nice to meet you ] AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]SZ[19]OT[3x30 byo-yomi]DT[2018-11-18]PC[OGS\: https\://] PB[Ken_Ittipat]BR[?]PW[Goblooo]WR[?]KM[6.5]TM[1800]RE[W+R]CP[]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pc]C[ ];W[dp]C[ ];B[cd];W[pp];B[cn];W[ec];B[de];W[fq];B[dj];W[pe];B[qg];W[qc] ;B[qb];W[qd];B[nd]C[實戰白A不好,應下B 產生兩個絕好的見合點。 S18 should play at P14, after P14, P18 and Q11 becomes miai.] (;W[rb];B[of]C[黑右上可以視為外勢, 所以我們拆邊要離外勢遠一點 實戰A點離黑的外勢太近。 black's upper right should be treated as an influence, white should stay further away from it at J17. the game position is too close to the influence. ] (;W[lc];B[ic];W[le];B[ie];W[pf];B[og];W[pg];B[oh];W[oe];B[ne];W[mf];B[nf];W[mh] ;B[ph]C[實戰白A想攻擊右邊這塊黑棋 但這樣損失了非常多的實地 所以應B位斷掉做活,非常大的一步。 White tries to attack the black group with O11, but in the process losses a lot of territory. Should cut off a stone at R12, it's a very large move] (;W[ni]C[而黑棋這時,忘記了右上這塊並還沒有安定,需要再拆一手 實戰A步伐跨得太大了,被白嚴厲的飛下攻擊。 At this point, the black group is still unsettled, an extension at R9 is neccessary In the game, Black R6 is an overplay and is immediately punished by white's attack at Q10] (;B[qn];W[pj];B[qi];W[qj];B[ob];W[qa];B[pb];W[rj]C[這時黑棋可以威脅白棋角上的死活,不用單純的做活。 White's corner is actually not a living group yet , so black should threaten white's corner at R14 instead of simply trying to stay alive.] (;B[re];W[rd];B[qe];W[pd];B[rh];W[sc];B[se];W[sd];B[mb];W[on];B[qq]C[實戰檔的方向錯誤,應把右邊黑子收下。 Q3 is a mistake, should play at R4 and swallow the black stone at R6] (;W[pq];B[qp];W[qm]C[實戰黑A不好,被白棋占便宜了,應該B位扳,白不便宜。 Black S6 should hane at S7, White gains a slight profit when black answers at S6] (;B[rn];W[qr];B[rr];W[pr]C[現在黑空全局領先,白棋只剩下邊的外勢可以發展,因此黑棋只需要把白棋下面的潛力破掉,離勝利就不遠了。 At this point, black has more territory than white. If Black is able to hinder white's development at the lower part, then victory is almost assured.] (;B[cp];W[cq];B[bq];W[co];B[bp];W[do];B[bo];W[dn];B[cm]C[白此時也應該下面補一手圍空,只要下面是空,這盤棋勝負難料。 White should add one more stone at K4 to secure the territory below, then the game is still too early to call. ] (;W[el];B[dm];W[em]C[現在是黑棋非常好的機會再去破白棋下邊的空,那麼寬廣的邊,打入進去是不會死的。 Now is the perfect time for black to invade white's moyo, it's impossible to die in such a wide space.] (;B[fj];W[dk];B[cj];W[gk]C[這時候黑棋還有機會去破下邊白棋的空,再晚就會很危險了 black still has a chance to invade at this point, any later would be very risky.] (;B[gj];W[hj];B[hi];W[ii];B[ij];W[hk];B[ih];W[ji];B[jh];W[hh];B[gi];W[kh];B[ki] ;W[jj];B[jf];W[rs];B[sq];W[rp];B[ro];W[po];B[sp];W[rm];B[sn];W[ib];B[hb];W[hc] (;B[gb];W[cc];B[bc];W[id];B[jc];W[jd];B[hd];W[he];B[gd];W[if]C[Ken_Ittipat\: Thank you very much ]) (;B[hd]C[黑棋簡單打吃,沒棋。 black should simply atari at H16, there's nothing white can do.] ;W[gc];B[gb])) (;B[jq];W[lq];B[jo];W[jm];B[gq])) (;B[jq];W[lq];B[jo];W[jm];B[gq] (;W[gr];B[hq];W[hr];B[fp];W[eq];B[hn]) (;W[gp];B[hq];W[fr];B[hp];W[go];B[lr]))) (;W[jp])) (;B[kq];W[iq];B[ko])) (;B[rm];W[pn];B[qo])) (;W[qp];B[pq];W[oq];B[or];W[nq];B[nr];W[mq];B[rp];W[ro];B[rq];W[qo])) (;B[qf];W[re];B[qe] (;W[pd];B[sc] (;W[rc];B[rf];W[sd];B[sf];W[sb];B[se];W[ra];B[rd]) (;W[sd];B[rc];W[sb];B[ra];W[rd];B[sf])) (;W[rf];B[rg];W[ra];B[pd]))) (;B[qk])) (;W[qh];B[qi];W[rh];B[ri];W[rg];B[qn])) (;W[ic];B[kc];W[gd])) (;W[of]C[黑下B點戰鬥 白不怕, 黑下A點白活得很舒服。 if black plays Q11, white shouldn't be worried about the battle. if black plays P18, white can live easily] (;B[ob];W[ph];B[qi];W[qh];B[rh];W[pg];B[pi];W[rg]) (;B[pi];W[oc];B[ob];W[nc];B[od];W[pd];B[pb];W[mc];B[md];W[lc];B[ld];W[kc];B[rc] ;W[kd];B[lf];W[oh])))

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